Welcome to a Clearview Blog!

Phewh- it’s been such a crazy year that it took until February to get our 2011 blog up! We’ve had so much going on. To start with…we moved! After nine years we moved from our cozy beach office in Solana Beach to a larger beach office in Encinitas. What can we say? We like being near the water- we live in San Diego for a reason. We’re still taking our weekly beach walks, don’t worry. We are having fun exploring Encinitas restaurants and getting to know our neighbors. We are also being kept busy by our new clients, whom we cannot announce yet, but look forward to announcing in the near future.

The Clearview Blog will have monthly pr tips with a twist. We want you to soak up important pr and marketing news, but in a fun, engaging way. We look forward to getting to know you too- so please leave comments and feedback.

Happy 2011 and beyond!

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